Interests and hobbies

Artist's Palette and BrushesRecruiters view a candidate's interests as a reflection of their personality so think carefully about what your interests and hobbies say about you. For example:

  • sales people take part in competitive sports
  • engineers pull apart, fix and improve machines/cars
  • accountants lake a long and short term approach to improving their own finances

If you run regularly and have taken part in races/events then it is worth putting this on your resume. If you spend all your time looking after your family then this is perfectly acceptable, although I wouldn't put it as an interest or hobby. Voluntary work nearly always looks good on a resume so include this if you volunteer for anything – this could be cub scouts or helping at a charity shop etc. Just like the rest of your resume, make sure your interests and hobbies are true. This will help you avoid being caught out if a recruiter happens to do the same hobby and asks you about it.

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